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Title: Summertime Chafing Remedies
Post by: Sheloya on August 25, 2017, 11:14:35 PM
Summer is a hard time for many people.  From sunburns to "skeeter" bites, all sorts of discomforts can make your festival or vacation a nightmare.  So here are a few recipes and remedies for beating the particularly unpleasant summer guest called chafing.

With all sorts of heat, humidity, and superbugs out there, things can get pretty nasty in the creases.  Shoes and sandals can also cut or wear down the skin of the feet, making you vulnerable to infection.  So I like to use a multifaceted approach:


The best cleaners for the skin are soap, alcohol, and aloe vera gel.  Different people have different needs in this.  I would say to consider why your chafing tends to happen.  If it happens because your skin gets too dry and thin, then water is your friend.  You're a soap person or an aloe vera gel person.  If it happens because your skin gets wet and doesn't get enough air, then you're an alcohol person...though you should still use soap or aloe vera to bathe.

If you're a dry skin person, bathe with soap or aloe vera gel and water.  Do not use "soapless soap" or shower gel.  Use actual soap because it is alkaline enough to kill germs.  African black soap or something similarly made is good for just about everybody.  Japanese bamboo soap is also good.  If you're against soap, use aloe vera gel.  If you can get some, bamboo gel is also good, but my suspicion is that this is flax seed gel with bamboo extract.

After you bathe, let yourself dry, and smear shea butter, olive oil, or sunflower seed oil in your creases or places where your shoes rub.  Massage it in good.  If you have any skin that is red already, use spandex or support hose to cover the area to let it heal.

If you are a wet skin person, bathe with soap or aloe vera, but when you dry off, forego the towel unless you're changing towels every day. Use a blowdryer. This might seem like a horrible idea since it's already hot, but a blowdryer is dry heat.  This helps to kill both bacteria and fungii, and gives your skin a chance to dry and form a solid outer layer that it needs to protect itself.

If you can, it's also a good idea to go out and try to get some sun on your raw parts.  Not too much though.  Raw skin is more photosensitive than healthy skin.  So you just need a few minutes.

In a spray bottle, mix:

200 ml. 70% isopropyl or ethyl alcohol
1 teaspoon helichrysum essential oil
1 teaspoon frankincense essential oil

If you like, you can also add a few drops of tea tree oil, but I don't because it is very toxic to dogs and cats.  I don't want them licking my feet and dying from loving me.

Give it a good shake, and use this to spray your raw places.  It will burn.  You can take it.  "Beauty is pain," and, "Pain is just weakness leaving the body."

Let this air dry, and then hit is with some shea butter, olive oil, or sunflower seed oil.  You should try to wear as little clothing as possible, but if you have to, make sure it is close to the skin but not to tight, and no seams rub on your tender parts.  If it's your inner thighs, wear the bloomers/shorts style underwear, but if they have seams in the inner thighs, turn them inside out.

Now, once a week, you should smear your parts with tea...not some herbal decaf, but actual tea.  Tea has tannins/tannic acid which helps to toughen your skin.  Just take a bunch of wet tea bags, slap them on your skin, and let them sit there and work for about 20 minutes.  It might not seem like much, but you will see a difference within a month.

Once a month, either visit a hot springs with salt and sulfur, or make yourself a hot bath with at least 4% salt and .3% sulfur.  Your skin will thank you so much.

Other Stuff That Works

If you are in the middle of a rip-roaring fungal infection, vinegar is your best friend.
  It doesn't matter if it's wine vinegar or cider vinegar or your homemade orange peel vinegar.  As long as it's at least 6% acetic acid, it's all good.  Spray or dab some of that on your infestations.

Make your body an unfriendly environment for unfriendly germs by eating and exposing yourself to friendly germs.  Yogurt, kimchee, and homemade pickles are a good way to get some lactofermentation friendly "bugs" in your system.  A good proportion of the cells in our bodies are these "foreign" microbes, and we need them to survive.  So eat stinky cheeses and cabbage, and forage for wild veggies.  Especially if you've been feeling low on energy, it might be because you are missing some important passengers in your journey.

...and on the spiritual side, those of us in ATR's have a certain deity who helps us with this.  There might be one in your pantheon too.  If there isn't one that you know of, pick an Ancestor who maybe had atrocious skin, but seldom got infectious diseases, or always managed to beat them easily.

Check your blood sugar, especially if you are over 40.  I got a nasty surprise the summer of 2017, when I didn't know it, but fighting the summer chafing and infections caused a spike in my blood sugar.  This made the chafing worse, which made the blood sugar problem worse.  I got very sick, and it took me weeks to recover.  So if you're already on sugar/glucose regulating medications or herbs, you may need more in the summer.

Sometimes one thing leads to another.  If your immune system is already fighting things in your skin, your nearby organs might be vulnerable.  So sometimes chafing is a sign that a UTI might be coming.  You don't want to make matters worse by increasing your blood sugar, so instead of the usual cranberry juice, you may want to try an Israeli remedy: "limonana".  That is lemonade with mint.  For some reason, that magic combination helps to fight both mild food poisoning and urinary tract infections.

To make a liter of it, you need:

1/2 fresh lemon
2 stalks worth of fresh or frozen mint
1 liter of water
stevia to taste
  (stevia is best because it doesn't lose sweetness from acid or heat)
optionally, you can add a tea bag if you prefer a tea over just lemonade with mint

Put these things in a jar or carafe.  Then pour over it about 1/4 liter of hot water.  Let it steep for about 5 minutes.  Then pour in the rest of the water and stir gently.

You should have a little of this daily in the summer for maintenance.  This actually cured a couple of my mild UTI's before they got out of hand.  If yours is already painful, just go to the doctor.  If you can't then make a double or triple strength version, with the addition of about a finger section of fresh ginger root, and a teaspoon of cumin.

I hope this helps everyone have a healthy and pleasant summer.  Blessings and Ase! :)