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Title: Easy Cleansing and Protection Bath Recipe
Post by: Sheloya on September 07, 2017, 04:54:47 PM
This is a standard beginner recipe used by many witches around the world.

You will need:
about 2 grams of dried rosemary
about 5 grams of dried rose petals

Steep these in about half a liter of boiled hot water for an hour.

Then strain into a jar, and  mix in 200 g. salt for a bath, or a tablespoon of salt for a shower.

Stir clockwise until it is reasonably well dissolved.

While you stir, sing a cleansing song such as:

Eshu I ask that you open the way
To speak to Yemaya this beautiful day.
Dear Mother of all in the earth and the sea
Please cleanse me of any misplaced energy.

You can replace the names with the Gatekeeper and Mother of your own pantheon.  It's a good idea to sing this song 7 times.

Once you've finished, your preparation is ready to use.  Sing your song again 7 times while you stir it into the bathwater, or pour this over your head in the shower.

May you be refreshed!  Blessings and Ase!  :)