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Author Topic: Consecrating Mundane Items for Witchcraft  (Read 804 times)
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« on: August 12, 2017, 10:21:25 AM »

Once you have your pantheon and are used to doing daily observances, it is time to get into cleansing and protection.  The task may seem a bit daunting at first, seeing all the complicated recipes and exotic ingredients and items out there.  Though all the shiny cool things out there might seem attractive, it can get pretty expensive, and in addition to this, you can lose the point.  How are you supposed to stay connected to your witchcraft if everything you have related to it looks foreign to you?

For the same reason you should try to use as many of your own foraged and/or locally produced ingredients in your concoctions, you should try to use tools that have some history or significance for you.  An old pot that has seen a couple of generations' chicken soup has more healing energy in it than a shiny new one with some leaves painted on it.

Aside of old items with sentimental value, you will need containers in which to store things or steep concoctions.  Your bottled, jars, and bags should be consecrated as well.  This helps protect them from stray harmful energy, and some say it also helps to keep things fresher longer.

Consecration means to formally designate something to a sacred purpose.   It also infuses the item with energy for its purpose.  It can be a general consecration, which would call upon the energy of your Gatekeeper and perhaps also your deity of witchcraft, or you can go further and dedicate it to a specific deity or group of compatible, relevant deities.

The simplest way to consecrate an item is to mindfully wash or prepare it, and then pass it through the smoke of incense for your Gatekeeper.  Not all deities enjoy smoke that much though.

Oya the Yoruba Orisha of wind and storms, for instance, prefers steam, evaporation, spraying, or splashing of liquids over smoke.  So if you were consecrating a thunder tube for her, after passing it through the smoke for Eshu or your Gatekeeper, you would splash or spray it with herb infused water.

For maximum energy infusion, choose a method of consecration that is compatible with the relevant deity or deities.

Blessings and Ase!
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