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Author Topic: 5 Mistakes New Witches Make  (Read 997 times)
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« on: August 12, 2017, 05:02:34 PM »

1. Phoning it in with the deities.

Many new witches are basically given a set of deities or archtypes to work with by whatever book they read or group that recruited them, who they don't relate to at all.  It's not the popular way to start with one's Gatekeeper and Ancestors or ancestral pantheon(s).  Many are also so used to unmindful prayer to the deity or deities in their former system, that they don't feel uncomfortable with doing the same mouthing of words and going through the motion in their new one.

This is not how to go about things.  First of all, build your pantheon from deities you can relate to.  If you don't know where to start, deify your Ancestors and/or inspiring people or animals you know something of, and can sense the good in communicating with or contemplating.  It's a bad idea to approach any spirit as if you are indulging them as if they were someone you weren't really happy to see, but just want something from.

2. Buying and using ingredients they don't understand.

Especially in modernized places, many new witches are very out of touch with Nature.  It's rare that someone in some areas has grown any plants or even foraged through any weeds.  In addition, many rely on specifically labeled "witchcraft" books or sites for all of their knowledge about various herbs and substances.  I've even heard of people who didn't know that certain essential oils are irritating or poisonous at full strength.

Please research your materials.

3. Doing workings/spells they don't know how to undo.

Sometimes what someone thinks they want isn't what they really want...and sometimes they get what they want and then don't want it anymore.  Never do a working that you don't know how to undo.  Also, be aware that undoing some works is very difficult.

Bear in mind as well that even if you undo a work, you may not be able to undo the consequences of having done it in the first place.

4. Expecting the spell to do all the work.

Workings and spells are meant to help one flow with Nature optimally, not to break Nature.  Nature is stronger than any of us, and is not going to break despite our wishful thinking or intentions.

As an example, you can't do a love spell and then treat the person you want like crap and expect the spell to work despite your actions...unless of course the divination instructed you to treat them like crap because they like that.  This kind of makes my point though.  Flow with Nature instead of against it, and you will be much more successful.

5. Covering ignorance with "new age" anti-intellectualism.

It is difficult for many people in this life to admit that they don't know something.  It's like as soon as they get into Paganism or witchcraft, they're a priest or priestess of a deity, or an expert in chaos magic.  Very few are cool with being adherents of a deity or students of a style of witchcraft.  Then if you call them on it, they fire back basically by saying they can define themselves how ever they like, and who are you to tell them any different.


Well, someone can define themselves as whatever, but nobody else is obligated to go along with it.  So if someone wants the credibility, they need to do the learning and the work necessary to get it.  Otherwise, they are lost in a crowd of ineffective people only talking the talk (and barely even that)...and in some cases, writing checks with their mouths that their spiritual a** can't cash.
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